Study Tour

Study Tour 2019

The Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Brian M. Moree led a delegation of seven (7) persons to St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago from August 11 through August 16, 2019. The Honourable Justices of the Supreme Court, Mr. Bernard Turner and Mr. Ian Winder and Registrar, Camille Darville-Gomez were part of the delegates. The overall objective of the trip was to expose the members of the delegation to the automated case management systems being utilized in those court systems and to identify best practices and lessons learned to improve the functionality of an Integrated Court Management System which is to be developed for the Supreme Court. The Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Brian M. Moree was delighted to have been hosted by the Honourable Chief Justice Dame Janice Periera of St. Lucia; the Honourable Chief Justice Ivor Archie of Trinidad and Tobago, and the President of the Caribbean Court of Justice Mr. Adrian Saunders.