Orlando Study Tour Feb 25 2020


The Chief Justice is leading a delegation from The Bahamas to visit the Florida Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in Orlando, Florida from 25 February to 28 February, 2020 for the purpose of conducting a study tour to review and assess the Case Management software, the Court Reporting methodologies and the technology platform currently in use in that court. The other judicial officers of the delegation are Mr. Justice Bernard Turner, Mr. Justice Ian Winder and the Registrar of the Supreme Court, Mrs. Camille Darville Gomez.

The study tour is a part of the process to identify, purchase and install an Integrated Case Management System (“ICMS”) as the backbone of the new technology platform for the Courts of The Bahamas which will facilitate the incremental introduction of E Services. The ICMS and the E Services are  components of the Chief Justice’s Reform and Modernization programme for the Courts of The Bahamas.

The photograph above shows the members of the delegation meeting with judges of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court. From left to right – Garrett Wilkerson INL Director – Embassy of the United States of America; Dr. Dorcas Cox – Project Manager, Citizen Security and Justice Programme; Judge Eric H. DuBois – Ninth Judicial Circuit Court; Justice Ian Winder; Judge Robert J. Egan – Ninth Judicial Circuit Court; Justice Bernard Turner; Chief Judge Donald A. Myers, Jr. – Ninth Judicial Circuit Court; Chief Justice Brian Moree, Judge Kevin B. Weiss – Ninth Judicial Circuit Court; Lisa T. Munyon Circuit Judge; Mr. Algernon Allen Jr. – Prosecutor in the Department of Public Prosecution; Ms. Kendra Pratt – Component 3 Coordinator, Citizen Security and Justice Programme; Ms. Camille Darville–Gomez, Registrar of the Supreme Court and Judge Reginald K. Whitehead – Ninth Judicial Circuit Court.