CAJO Conference

CAJO Conference

Appearing in the front row, from left to right, are:

  • The Honourable Mr Justice Brian Moree QC, Chief Justice of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Anthony Smellie QC, Chief Justice of The Cayman Islands
  • The Honourable Dame Janice M Pereira DBE, Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court
  • The Honourable Mde Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards CCH, OR, Chancellor (Ag) of The Co-operative Republic of Guyana
  • The Honourable Mme Justice Sabitadevie Nanhoe-Gangadin, Judge of the High Court of Justice of The Republic of Suriname
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Mauritsz de Kort, Vice President of the Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba

Appearing in the back row, from left to right, are:

  • The Honourable Mr Justice Bryan Sykes OJ, CD, Chief Justice of Jamaica
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Adrian Saunders, President of the Caribbean Court of Justice
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Justice of Belize
  • The Honourable Mr Justice Ivor Archie ORTT, Chief Justice of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • The Honourable Sir Marston Gibson KA, Chief Justice of Barbados

The 6th Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Judicial Officers (“CAJO”) was held in Belize City, Belize from October 31 through November 2, 2019 under the theme “Judicial Integrity – The Pathway to Public Trust and Confidence”. The Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Brian M. Moree attended the regional Heads of Judiciaries meeting the day prior to the start of the Conference. The other members of the delegation included the Honourable Justices Mr. Ian Winder, Mrs. Deborah Fraser, Mrs. Cheryl Grant-Thompson, Registrar Camille Darville Gomez, Deputy Registrar, Constance Delancy and Magistrate Armbrose Armbrister. This year’s theme focused on a wide range of key issues including developments in the rule of law, judicial integrity, gender sensitivity, vulnerable witnesses, judicial education and the use of social media. The Association, made up of judges, registrars, magistrates and other judicial officers across the Caribbean, engaged in fund raising efforts including the sale of wrist bands and hosting a conference dinner to solicit donations in support of the hurricane relief efforts for The Bahamas. The Registrar, Camille Darville Gomez was elected to serve on the Management Committee of the CAJO for the next two years succeeding the Honourable Mr. Justice Ian Winder who had been elected in September 2017.

CAJO Conference 2019